The Trade by Digital self to risk Privacy


Today, I accidentally checked my Facebook friend list and the number was 409. Yes 409 and if you consider Facebook’s terms-that means I have that many friends and even I was not aware of that. Friends, friends, friends…well I don’t know what that word mean now a days but of that many friends, I am pretty sure there are over 300 of them to whom I have never spoken in about a year or two or even more. And still Facebook has placed them in my friend list.

But whenever they (friends or facebook friends or I don’t know what to call them) upload a photo, I press the the like button, then scrolls down, press another like, and then move to the next one, and so on 🙂 . To be honest; most of the time that LIKE doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean that I truly feel inclined towards their pictures or I like those photos but rather deep down somewhere it means  that I am trying to trade with them. Yeah! trade with them through LIKES. Because I want likes too and as many as possible and to make that happen, I trade.

We indulge and praise each other on the condition that we be indulged and praised in return. (Leo Tolstoy)

That’s a bit odd, well not a bit but loads of bits to say that I do such things but I am sure you do the same as well, don’t you? And you know it happens with all of us due to low self esteem. We have developed this new standard of “more likes equates to beauty or whatever you may call it”. Hence we look for more and more and more likes and to do that, we connect with people we don’t even know and bless them with our likes and try hard to drag them into this trade of likes.

Like for a LIKE

Ok… before getting back to the trade, I will leave a question here and if you find it interesting, please post your answers in the comment section and I’ll give you a like—after all we have to do the trade. so here is the Q. Be truly honest and tell how much time do you spend on someone’s photo before pressing that creepy like button with 5 to 6 emoticons these days?  BE HONEST!


2 thoughts on “THE TRADE OF LIKES.

  1. I’m liking this post because I’ve read it all and do actually like it 😊 I was just chatting to my husband this morning about my absolute inability to not log into Facebook. It is a destructive addiction. I too have many friends who are not “friends” but simply to boost the numbers. The reason I’m addicted to Facebook is impassioned to affirmation, but accept most of the time it is empty affirmation. It’s become a affirmation currency that we swap and it leaves me cold. I am unusual though I’m that I don’t thoughtlessly mindlessly ‘like’. I only click like if I actually do like what someone has said and that usually takes me a while as I digest what people say. I get annoyed with likers who like everything of mine. You can tell the difference i think.


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