March 23rd, Pakistan Resolution Day…But

March 23rd, Pakistan Resolution Day…Celebrated in high spirits…Well Done. BUT

Pakistan was established on this resolution with spotlights to provide cultural, political, and economical security and future to the people with a framework inspired by the ideals of Islam. But experiences showed that Pakistan’s political, judicial, bureaucratic, military leaders failed to secure the future. Instead of establishing a state that would have created a sense of political participation and economic justice among the diverse populace, the state has become a highly elitist and theocratic model-that dominantly serves the interests of political, bureaucratic, military, judicial etc. elites. The elite has adopted a self-serving policy of using state’s resources. Every institution has developed its elite class that mutilates everyone working under it and forces them to adopt the policy to provide gains to the elites through legal and illegal means.

We are in need of a new resolution to get rid of these elites for a better and new Pakistan.



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