I have seen the Palaces of London;

And mademoiselle excited and independent.

And I have seen the beautiful cities of Italy;

Red Graphs, Red Wine and Red Roses.

I have seen the angels of Paris;

Sweet in character and dialogue-like Bulbul (songbirds).

I have seen, I have seen large towns in the US;

Cities with towers that reaches to the heavens.

I have seen Taj-the palace, blooming bud of flower;

The beautiful cities of Dehli and Mughals.

But When I look at my own house of mud;

Palaces and beautiful heavens slip from my memory.

These narrow streets of my village;

Prior to it, what are those beautiful cities?

When a tawny brother embrace you;

The artistry of foreign will fade from your mind.

Oh God, I am grateful, grateful, and grateful;

That I am arisen in this Nation.

I swear, swear, and swear, I will abandon paradise;

If I fail to experience the rudeness of my nation there.


The Place where I belong…



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