O Traveler;

“Uth Jaag Musafir Bhor Bhaee,
Ab Raen Kahan Jo Sovat Hai,

Jo Sovat Hai So Khovat Hai,
Jo Jagat Hai So Pavat Hai,

Tuk Neend Ki Aankhiya Khol Jara,
O Ghafil, Rab se Dhyan Laga.

Yeh Preet Karan Ke Reet Nahin,
Rab Jagat Hai Tu Sovat Hai.”

“Awake, O traveler, for morning has come,

The night is no more that you sleep.

The one who is asleep, is a loser,

The one who is awake, is a winner.

Just open your eyes.

 O you ignorant, remember GOD.

This is not the way to Love,

GOD is awake and you are sleeping.


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