The Buttery Path to Success

I haven’t been a straight A-student in my life, And I wasn’t every teacher’s supernatural being and unfortunately still I’m not because I wasn’t smart enough to learn one of the most important skill. And the thing that I was missing on was Sycophancy or flattery or “TC”-in local terms. If you are a student, Sycophancy of your teacher is a surefire recipe for good grades. It rarely fails.  All my life I have seen many of my colleagues who are masters of the art of flattery and sycophancy and hence are teacher’s angels and I am sure everyone have them in their groups as well.

Previously, I used to dislike these creepy creatures and would always bully them. But now I feel pity and sorry for them because I have realized that this is how this system works and they are just adapting themselves to fit in to it. It is an art they have learned and it is always helpful to start early, right from schooldays, so as you grow older and the challenges of career increases, this is one skill that will never let you down. And if God gifted, it will earn him the “TC” tag.

The returns of flattering are definitely good grades, and the harms are- losing one’s self-respect, freedom, dignity, integrity and don’t worry for a second because all of these are empty values only good for moral books. Personal pride and self-esteem are meaningless. Good grades are the real things.

What happens to you when you become a sycophant? In order to not hurt the feelings of those true, dedicated sycophants, I thought, I should be the subject of this story, so I let myself to experience it and became one. Now, here is the new me, the flattery, me.

Looking at my poor academic record; seeing sycophants succeeding; and then fighting with all these down feelings; the sum of all those life affairs encouraged-forced (to be honest) me to join them on this path to fit in, (I always regret but I can’t do anything about it because it’s the only way to succeed). I found the journey pretty weird because on every step of the stairway of gain, you have to do some weight lifting (if you guys know what I mean 😛 ) and for those who don’t, the reference is to the buttering that one has to do to get desired outcomes. And to be honest, it’s the easiest path I have ever found towards this thing the world call success.

But on the inside, I’m getting increasingly fed up with this path and ultimately with the system. Because I see many, many of my friends, colleagues, who are incredibly brilliant and smart and intelligent and filled with this passion of doing something, FAIL. It’s not that they just fail, but they fail badly because they’re bad at following this weird buttering path of success, just as once… I was. And I see many others who don’t even qualify, who are not even capable-end up with success (considering people’s definition of success) in their feet.

And that’s one big problem among many, I have seen in our education system and I have been a victim of it. I, personally, love learning, but due to this new path, my learning has been at halt. It has consumed all my energy to question things because buttering and questioning cannot go alongside. I used to be a curious and an interested person, (BTW, I am not complimenting myself) because I’m sure everyone is a curious and peering before they enter this system. But when I see myself in this system, everything is gone, boom! Now I am no more me. Now, I am this new well trained (what they call “well educated”) new self. Meet me and you will get this awful feeling of intense buttering which I call weight lifting, and you will be shocked to know how much of butter I use and I even smell of butter (that was just for humor, stop sniffing).

But now a days, whether I am busy or not, no matter how hard I try, I just do not make it to bed before 12 AM. Uh! This is not because I have loads of work to do, but because I don’t feel accomplished. And I think that’s the case with every one of my age. When I try to do something that makes me feel happy, my brain starts blaming me for doing the wrong things because it has the notion that all those things that makes me happy, are useless. Up till now I was not aware of those feelings, but now I have realized that these are the feelings what people call stress. I and young folks like me face it on daily basis. Because we are used to a certain amount of those accomplished feelings that anything less makes us feel guilty.

And that stress-definitely it came from the buttery path that I have started following (deep inside I knew the reason but I was not considering it). Because the things that I am doing and achieving through this immoral path are not the things that I love or that I do by heart. I am doing all that stuff because I want to get to the top and fit in by any means possible and it is not bad to try to get to the top but it’s cheap to get there by immoral ways. That’s what I have learned and I want everyone out there to realize it too because it will make you a lifelong learner. Enough of a lecture, buttering will help you gain some muscles. CARRY ON FOLKS 😀 …


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