Engineers… They Call It Success (Random)

Scared by the thought that I might not secure a job if I failed to deck my wall with “ALhamdulillah Graduate” post as from this past week my timeline notified me about over 100 graduate posts from my fellows that lugged me into thinking that companies might have changed their selection process and now they might be tracking us via Facebook posts and they might consider it a bad omen if I do not let my friends and family know about my graduation through Facebook although those who care already know about it. So to secure my job 100% here is my graduation post with partial truth. 😊


It all started on 21st October 2013, the day we self willingly allotted ourselves to this institution ( #UET ) for four hectic years to follow, only to en-root in us this differential character of being an #Engineer, and for the purpose to be served properly we were forced to mug up with all our might-GBs of data with concepts only in KBs and to keep us motivated we were often tagged as the cream of society, I don’t know for what damned reason 🤔. It was just like someone took us; put us through a horrible industrial machine; made us into a paste; and re-formed us and baked us into a shape that was supposed to look like an engineer but we are not anything even close, at least I am sure about myself. But if you talk about survival, we did more than enough and that one thing I am sure will assist us with life’s practicalities. 🙂


To be honest, I never wanted to be an engineer, I never had that goal, but when you are around people with thinking that engineers are successful and when you are left with no other choice, you kind of feel some type of the same, and that how exactly I felt. I didn’t wanted to be an engineer but I just wanted to be successful and at that age engineer was look-alike of success. And now I don’t feel that success.


Any-how today after those tiresome four years, we all as in person are ripped by terror that everything might change for we are so used to each-others company, and the equal fear that everything might carry on exactly the same for the rest of our days however none of us would wish for it. 😞


 I will always remember you all 🙂

But then again we all wonder what could it be that would make us stick to each other; remind us of each other like raindrops that still fall on us from the soaked leaves above, just to remind us of its presence, even though the sky long stopped raining. #Memories comes to mind as the only justification to all our wonders. The sole faculty that might help us to connect to each other. Without our memories, there’s nothing but for our bond to fade and die.

Because we are our memory. We are what we remember. And what others remember about us. And I hope we all remember each other in good. 😊

#Session2013: May memory love you always 🙂



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