Nothingness :)

Nothing is nothing but there is something even in nothing

It’s like a mathematical identity when we have zero = zero

That’s nothing = nothing

But again nothing is something that equates another nothing

Nothing is everything and life is nothing

And this nothing which cannot be explained by reason

But can only be explained by faith

It gives meaning to life

With reason, life is nothing and nothing has no meaning

But with faith, life is still nothing but with faith nothing is everything

Hence life is everything with faith

Faith provides humanity with an answer to the question of life

Thus making it possible to live

Rational knowledge led one to this conclusion of nothingness;

life’s meaninglessness

Faith gives meaning to human life

Whereby individual does not destroy himself but live

Faith is the force of life

If a man want to live,

Then he must have faith in something.


One thought on “Nothingness :)

  1. Nothing cannot be considered only on the basis of materialistic measures. its significance is evident the moment you have something, The real nothingness is the one that does not have even any significance. Zero is very significant even though its value is none.

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