The problem with Tolstoy’s Life?

Excerpts from Leo’s greatest work “Confession”.


The problem with Leo Tolstoy while he was living a life firmly occupied by logic and reason; and until this time he was not introduced to faith. Reasoning and logic forced Leo to believe that life is meaningless and it’s auspicious to die than to live. Based on his true work “Confession”- must read for all those struggling with life’s questions.



The problem:

Life is meaningless and evil;

Death destroys all meaning;

Why should I live? What’s the point? Why not to commit suicide?



The Solution:



Escape through Strength and Energy




Look for the question of life in life. Look for it in the people around you. Look how they live and observe how do they relate to the question of life which is “What is the meaning of life?”

The solution to escape the atrocities of life.

Ignorance: It consists of failing to realize and understand that life is evil and meaningless. Women, young, and stupid men fall in it.

Epicureanism: It consists of of enjoyment and pleasure for the blessings that we do have without looking at the dragon or mice (this relates to the dream that Leo explain in his Confession); it is about licking the honey as best as we can. The situation is such that if affords more of the good things in life than the bad; the moral stupidity enables us to forget the fact that all the advantages of the position are accidental. The table can turn anytime.

Escape through Strength and Energy: Destroying life once one has realized that life is evil and meaningless. Only usually the strong and logically consistent people act in this manner.

Realizing the stupidity of the joke that is being played on us and seeing that the blessings of the dead are greater than those of living and it is better not to exist, they act and put an end to this joke. The people who perform these acts are in the very prime of life, when the strength of the soul is at its peak and when the habits that undermine human reason have not yet taken over.

The Escape of Weakness (Cowardice): Continuing to drag out a life that is evil and meaningless knowing beforehand that nothing can come out it. The people in this category know it but cannot put an end to it.


Leo found himself in the cowardice category and called himself a coward-who already found the meaning of life but still drag out to life because he was not strong enough to put an end to it.


Where do you find yourself?


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