The Hasta La Vista Notes

In this short time on Earth, there are not a lot things we have to leave behind. But two months from now, we have to walk away from something that has been a part of our lives for the last four years. Those four years and that place was miserable for most of us and cheerful for few but it was an integral part of our lives whether we loved it or not. Surely we learned a lot from our stay there. Four years at a place unheard off with one goal; to get that “UET wali degree”, no one had imagined that we would be there until we were there and now it’s almost the end. The “UET wali degree” being placed in quotations because that was the only lone motivation that kept us there.

I remember my first day and I am sure so do you. Those scary views of campus and its surroundings; I remember how worried I was to get on and start anything, I remember how shy I was to talk to anyone but how quickly I outgrew that, I remember those countless hours of depression; anxiety triggered by long periods of roving away from home; I will remember all of those things.

Our journey in this place was good and bad. It was good because we learned about responsibility; we learned about self-dependency; we met some amazing people; we gained experiences that broaden our visionary horizons; and we learned working on empty stomach for hours and hours coz campus food-huh-that was nowhere near food.

The bad is more glimmer than the good here and we all know that. The place itself was stressful, the just like horror movie location, the haunted buildings (I am telling you the place is visited by ghosts and believe me It’s not a plot…we have a number of true stories to share. Ask your juniors to be careful because many dead souls need physical bodies), the intermittent fasting coz the campus couldn’t offer us quality food, nothing for a pleasurable pastime to kill time, those long hours of forced sleeping that we imposed on ourselves just to pass time, I have to put an etc. to this list coz there is no end to it. The Past, a beautiful reminder of the thing that they were. It might be good, might be bad, but is in oblivion. We should try to infer some good things from it and try to learn few lessons which will helps us make living much better.


Coming back to the hasta la vista thing… the purpose of this post is to share the activity that we did on our way back to campus from something they called a job fair or Open House to be precise. —No no– not that “bus wala thing” that was way more interesting. This activity was initiated by one fellow Umer and it was about summing those four years at campus to look back at all the things we have done and how it affects us today.

Everyone had mixed emotions. Some wrote about their regrets, while others wrote about the wrongful treatments they received, long story short—no one was happy. 😛 .

So holding tightly to the general maneuver of ladies first, here is our first reflection from Ayesha

I smell sarcasm 😛 

“Rachna is not a good place to live but comparatively better. Lack of facilities, career building, and personality grooming are the main issues I faced. Overall our class was cooperative and nice. I survived here only due to my friends… GOOD BYE RACHNA”
Ayesha Khan


So, that’s how you survived 😀

“First of all thanks to ALLAH for every situation and condition whatever it is. In my opinion Rachna was not a good place for grooming. Due to lack of basic facilities and some other factors, students failed to achieve what they wanted to achieve. Anyhow, I learnt how to survive, how to prove myself in worse situation. Rachna gave a way leading to destination.”
M. Shafiq


Bhai… Tu karna kia chahta hai???

“I learned how to unlearn what you’ve already learned to learn something new. It wasn’t particularly a good experience but it was inculcating and I guess that is just how everything is. Everything is just a way to somewhere and there is no destination but just a long adventurous journey to embark on.”
Salman Khan



“Dear friends;

Don’t you ever feel like the waste of space;

You are original cannot be replaced.

If only you knew what the future holds;

After a hurricane comes a rainbow.

abdullah.gif                                                                                                                          Abdullah (Ghalib)




I am with you Rishi… 😦

“I have suffered a lot at rachna and confronted my life challenges here, but overall rachna is not a place that can be suggested to others.”



“Never be serious with anyone. No one cares for your feelings

“Jahaan Hamari Respect Nahi
Wahaan Hum Guest Nahi””

                                                                                                                        Umer Ahsan



Tu rehny dy…Tery sey nahi hoga.

“Memorable days of hostel life…BAKI SAB F*** system of RCET”

Faizan Anwar


“When I got admission in RCET, I was not happy at that time but now I experienced really amazing and great time. I shall never forget these remarkable days. LOVE YOU ALL.”
Ahmed Bilal

ahmed bilal.gif
Tu FAST chor k RCET agyaa.., AFSOOS hai bhai



“Rachna wasn’t good platform for grooming as well as for studies. So my university time wasn’t much pleasant, expected for better, but it’s okay now. Class was good and cooperative. Anyhow we learned as much as we could. But we all deserved better than this. Well….Farewell”
Naila Jabeen

Theek hogya… 😀


“It has been a good experience but time could be spent as much good as we want it to be. Certainly there are people who want to pass out so badly but it is not as bad as it seems. This is maybe the best time we spent with our friend. So farewell guys. Thank you everything.”

Sohail Ibrahim


“Done nothing, Zero Accomplishments. Will remember this class especially leg pulling and TP”

Look who is complaining… hahaha seriously 😛





Pehly btaa… Tu naraaz tu nahi?

“Enjoyed a lot. Nothing special considering studies. Just fun with friends”
Majid Siddiqi


“Care about others, others will care about you.”

Bus kr dy… bhai

Rizwan Kamboh


I really tried to post all of your true and wonderful notes but the word count for the post won’t allow me to do so… 😦

Our journey- it was amazing and full of life and we all will remember these abnormal feelings we get now when we think about leaving, however we would never wish to stay anymore. 😀  and we have agreement on that.



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