We all are somehow the victims of procrastination and that is normal because everyone procrastinates. Even the most outstanding people struggle with it every day. We are all aware of the circumstances but our minds tend to minimize the adverse effects of procrastination.



And there are many ways to push past through it that many of us don’t do. One of those ways is the POMODORO technique. A time management technique developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The techniques involves a timer used to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length avoiding distractions.

Here is what I did to beat Procrastination. Exercising the Pomodoro technique on myself to look on the results and here is my experience and the lessons that I learned.

I decided a task to complete using the Pomodoro technique and the task was to prepare for the quiz which was scheduled on Monday. I set the alarm to 25 minutes and worked on the task until the alarm rang and I wrote nearly all the distractions that leaped in my mind during those 25 minutes. And the major distractions that I noticed were:

  • The flash backs of my social media timelines made it difficult for me to concentrate on the task although I turned off my internet access (my laptop felt useless during that time-I’m sure).

  • The materials around me like mobile phone, wrist watch, books appeared more attractive than usual. Even that ugly long forgotten ashtray in the furthest corner of the room arose the view of my crush in mind.

  • Privacy, privacy-actually no privacy-was one of the major distraction. After every 5 minutes, one of my friend would drop by for chat.

  • Books made me sleepy and all the internal distractions like fatigue, hunger started knocking.

That was my experience and the distractions that I faced. And to be honest, I was not able to complete the task because hunger won.  But it helped me in accomplishing more in less time.  The main takeaway from this activity is that if we practice this technique once or twice a day, one day we will be able to master this technique-which is not a rocket science, and it  will help us to achieve more in less time because there will be no distractions to feed on our precious time.


So practice the Pomodoro technique to beat Procrastination and share your experience with us in the comments below.


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