Excerpts from Allama Iqbal’s “Reconstruction of Religious Thoughts”


Consciousness may be imagined as a deflection from life. It provides a luminous point in order to enlighten the forward rush of life.


Consciousness shrinks and expands as the occasion demands. It is not a substance, it is independent of matter. It is purely a spiritual principle of life, a specific mode of behaviour, however man cannot conceive of a purely spiritual energy.



There is no doubt that the theories of science constitute trustworthy knowledge, because they are verifiable and enable us to predict and control the events of Nature. But we must not forget that what is called science is not a single systematic view of Reality. It is a mass of sectional views of Reality-fragments of total experience which do not seem to fit together.


Conscious experience is that privilege case of existence in which we are in absolute contact with REALITY.


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