The Seeker of UNREAL

Random thoughts “The unreal is more powerful than the real. Because nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it”.


There is nothing in this world you can not imagine. The unreal gives one a power to flow in a world not accessible to others. People, Entity-The reality die, but Imaginations-the unreal remain eternally. Imagination is neither matter nor energy. It occupies no space-rather it consumes emptiness. Imagination is the dancing of an entity deep inside ones cognitive self. The correspondence of ones cognitive self with his/her physical self is the point we consider as success. The balancing and alignment of cognitive self and physical self bestows one with powers unreal to this world and it’s occupants.

To live in unreality is to live with ultimate powers that solely belongs to you and once you acquire those dreamlike powers-there is no physical energy that can draw them back from you.

The acquisition of those unreal powers is as unreal as the unreal itself.

Communication of physical self with cognitive self permit one to live in both the REAL and UNREAL. But living in the unreal is as beautiful as living in the absence of evil. Reality is mortal but unreal is immortal. To be real and think of reality is not a rocket science but the counter i.e. thinking of unreal is near impossible. Because reality is placed on some reference but unreal has no reference, it is purely single in itself and has no hint and that makes it the all-powerful.

“Imagination is usually regarded as the synonym for the unreal. Yet is true imagination healthful and real, no more likely to mislead than the coarse senses. Indeed, the power of imaginations makes us infinite”.

John Muir



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