Accidental Pride…

Should I be proud of my accidental national pride? To be honest there is no choice to decide on nationality. Just because one live on a piece of land, does not mean one is proud of it. A piece of land defines nationality…that’s not fair.  We shouldn’t be among those drawing pride from nationalism. Because pride is something that is achieved by your own. Pride isn’t for something that happens by accident of birth.

Nationalism came in existence when insignificant boundaries were drawn by people. Encircling a specific geographical region with a boundary, fooling its inhabitants to protect it from next-door neighbors otherwise would have been safe if boundary wasn’t drawn.  Then being fooled to be proud of its accidental and natural qualities, like the beauty of the land. Well those areas would always be beautiful with or without boundaries. And then we are led to believe that we are better than many and that we should defend and take pride in what we are, rather than working for what we could be. We are fools who have nothing at all to be proud of, so we as a last resort adopt pride in nation to which we belong and happily defend its faults and follies. If we were slightly born Far East or far West, we would have been defending those nations we are considering enemies today.  This nationalistic approach is a bottleneck in our way of progress and ability to achieve beyond boundaries. And traces of it can be found inside these boundaries as well.

There are not many achievements we can be proud off but of few many have become the victims of narrow lens of mediocrity through which we see this world. Our loud silence and lack of acknowledgement plus incriminating criticism on Malala’s achievements, religious hard-nose approach towards Abdus Salam’s achievements are few examples to quote. But if we still want to stick to something than we should be happy to be a part of a specific geographical region rather then proud of it which is purely by chance.


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