SWAT TOUR (A Photolog)

After a long time, I have got an opportunity to write another blog and add one more to my stuff. In fact it is an opportunity to write a good blog. This time I thought why not make our recent back to back tours part of the blog. And this will be my first Photolog. I don’t know whether “photolog” is even a word but by photolog I mean, a photo sharing format of a blog 🙂

So this one will be about our SWAT tour. Just a little background to it. The trip was never planned, in fact we outlined it in just half an hour at campus cafeteria. In the meantime, we were sitting in the surroundings of the campus’ deserted cafeteria. Salman was quite spiritless and was repeatedly asking us to make a plan quickly and get out of campus for a week. Rizwan was insisting to wait for the finalization of final year tour, and Asim-as always had no views of his own (Yar jo decide howa I am in). Majid (bhai ko rehny hi do).

Ting ting ting—there it was, CR’s text conforming our fears….Final year tour got canceled for the third time.
So abb jana kahan hai.  Sub ney kaha SWAT. Sub ney kaha theek. (So now where should we go. Everyone said SWAT, Everyone said ok-done). What was it then? Text was forwarded and it became a plan.

Initially we were just 9 friends. And we were supposed leave for SWAT 10 o’clock the very next night- thanks Kombodia for arranging the tickets. But the group gradually grew and became a group of 17 until the next morning.

It was a four day tour and we left for SWAT at 11 pm. We reached SWAT-well to be precise Mangora, a small town in district SWAT at around 9 in the morning. Had our breakfast and as was decide earlier, we left for Kalaam without any delay. The journey was hectic. Broken roads, hot weather, and off season deafening silence in the valley add up to our misery. We reached there at around 3 in the evening and there was no one in Kalaam except the 17 of us. And I don’t have words for the fun we had there. but No place is ever as bad as they tell you it’s going to be. So check out the pictures to know.





“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta


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