The Contractor

Title: The Contractor

Author: Raymond Davis

Publisher: BenBella Books

Copyright Date: 2017


Davis is so obsessed with SUV that while reading the book I honestly felt-our officials had granted him too many favors, they should have gifted him SUV too for the love he has shown for it. Almost every second para of initial 5 to 6 chapters starts with US Consulate’s SUV which he wasn’t driving on January 27, 2011. 51UlQ6HpiSL

Although he was guilty of cold blooded murder of two of Pakistani citizens but he shamelessly plead-not guilty-throughout his book dodging the fact that he was released because he was granted diplomatic immunity thanks to the authorities not because he was proved innocent.

Davis considered dietary manipulations, isolation, frozen water bathe, random visits by guards for his safety that unfortunately hindered his sleep, the sounds of the sermons from the speaker of a nearby mosque as torture contrary to the slamming of head against wall, threatening of dog attacks, waterboarding of detainees, intense beating imposed by his countrymen at their black sites. The way he was treated here falls under a VIP protocol for prisoners and most of the prisoners only dream of it here in Pakistan but he still complained about it. He was even stuffed with pizzas and Mcdonald’s fancy food. I wonder was he given Copenhagen (naswar) in prison as he admit it in the book that he used to chew it.

“Any time lives are lost it’s tragic, but I wasn’t going to lose a bit of sleep over the killing of these two men”

This line from the book sums up the value of a third world citizen.

Although the book is written in a childish manner with the protagonist dreaming of Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham greeting him on his release and his interactions with birds and lizards, but it is a good read to understand the political-military nexus and how most of the times they failed to absorb pressure and trample on national interests. Even though not a great fan of Imran Khan politically but everyone should respond to his call of reading the book.


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