Perhaps! We are the chosen ones


Mull over our national-print and electronic #media and you will surely observe that nobody cares! Either we are grown heartless or senseless, or there is some bias that’s stopping many from condemnation of these recent atrocities. The country was celebrating #Eid, while resident of god-forsaken areas were searching for limbs of their beloved in the streets. The Premier expresses deep sorrow while the Boss announces that terrorists’ spine is broken. But they still strike us frequently with big ones. If they are so effective with a broken spine then why would one leave them with it. Why not get rid of them once and for all? How hopeless it is when the leader himself express sorrow while hesitates to take bold actions.

The difference is perhaps this: an attack in heartland of the country attracts such a widespread anxiety that the state apparatus is forced to take actions to try and prevent further incidents. While the peripheral zones like the recently targeted fails to attract even mere condemnation from the authorities specifically and masses in general. It somehow gives new life to the notions of street politics that somewhere, someone, here in this land, has decided that it’s a price that must be paid — by the peripheral zones to keep the heartland safe.

Blocking of such notions is essential for many well reasons and it is not a rocket science to counter these apprehensions. Treat each and every part in the same way. Consider an attack anywhere in Pakistan as an attack against the entire country.
The #Bahawalpur tragedy reminds us that it’s not just terror that causes mass casualties, miss-governance can have very deadly effects. #PM; you visited the victims of Bahawalpur-much appreciated gesture, fortunately or unfortunately- #Quetta and #Parachinar too fall under your area of responsibility. 😦

What happened in those areas and neighboring regions over the years and what is going to happen is important, Please celebrate that or express your anger at that. But there is something which connects us beyond ethnicities, party lines, and political ideologies. Mind it that these tragedies and our reaction to them is what is going to define us as a nation. If we bury them under our collective ignorance, then be assured that we have lost all claims to #humanity. Stop practicing selective, trendy humanity. Crying over tragedies of Paris, Syria, London etcetera (no harm in that ) but deafening silence over the atrocities at home marks a big flown over the face of our Islamic, ethnic, and humanitarian brotherhood. Please do not follow the lead of our electronic media, they have their own agendas to support.

zindagi anmol hai, suna tha hamesha
her jaan yaksan moatabir hai mantay aaey thay
kabhi dekha tha bachpan may ek kawway ki maut pay
kae kawwon nay, wo shor barpa kia tha
kay sab hi balkanion say jhanknay pay majboor hogaey thay
sochta hun
kia ikhata honay say pehlay
unhon ny bhi ye socha tha
kay ye jaanay wala kis hissay ka baasi tha
dekhnay may ham sa tha ya kuch mukhtalif
boli ham si bolta tha ya kuch alag
sochta hun
ab wo ham hi hain kya
ashraf ul makhlooqat jinha kaha gya hai???


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