These Days I am feeling something New…(RANDOM THOUGHTS)

These days, I am wasting my time on things that I know can never be achieved but still I find them amusing and I am getting engrossed in it deeply with time passing. I am not able to focus on things that are important to me and I know it must stop now and I am trying to stop it but I just can’t.

These days, my cognitive self and physical self are not on good terms. They are walking against each other and their fight has completely destroyed my sleep cycle. These nights my body wants to sleep, but my mind forces me to stay awake and now during this hour my mind is trying to switch off but circumstances and body are perfectly on alert not to let me sleep.

Sometimes I think that how weird it is that how someone’s looks takes your mind form its’ normal state to the wild one. How it controls you and your eyes continuously flashes back the thoughts and dreams and connects you to this someone. How the flow of hormones generate chilly feelings inside you.

After sometime, that someone your mind keeps on connecting you to is no more someone. Inside, you get familiar with that someone but on the outside, everything is normal, nobody knows. While this inside creature constantly wrestles with those themes and games that mind play with it. This tug of war inside and outside introduces you to something new. To some new experience and feelings that at this moment I cannot name but those feelings are beautiful and painful, both at a time.


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