Are!…Are We STILL Believers?

This question is very strong and so are my feelings. I feel very heavily that we are deceiving ourselves somehow in a way we don’t know. We are just living with no sense of life’s meaning and we just live to lay our hands on everything we possibley can. We are afraid of suffering and death unlike believers. We are here to increase and preserve our wealth. Only living to satisfy our lusts. We just live as badly as those who do not believe or even worse because we do not live by the principles we have professed.

Our whole life is in opposition to our faith. A day is going to come when we’ll get sick or someone close to us will die and we’ll look back on the kinds of things that we cared about, that captured our attention and we will realize that we wasted a lot more time and we were moving in a completely wrong direction.

(The WE is ME and everyone like me 😦 )


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