There won’t be a Next Semester

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Finally it’s here! Your, our last semester of university. Time has gone so fast but where has the time gone? Endless hours of late night study, cramming sessions before exams, becoming the copy-paste zombies on assignment days, etc, they are about to conclude. Finally the time at university is coming to an end. The feelings are blend. They are appealing, anxious, and nerve-racking all at the same time. Different emotions surround the final semester. Some of these are good, like taking exam for one last time, the inspiring feeling of entering a Pro-life. Yet, it can also be sad knowing that these are your last few months hanging with your friends before everyone takes a different direction, saying goodbyes to many of those social and academic circles you were a part of. The emotional roller-coaster will definitely be out of control. Despite all those emotions, you shouldn’t be wasting your time oversleeping and being a goof-off. You should set goals that you will walk on once the final semester ends. You should examine what you want to achieve.

Academic Goals:

It is very easy to fall in the senioritis trap. It’s is a very common thing. Every senior university student struggle with it. You have been in university for about 4 long years and now you, mentally and physical think you are done. Even I am struggling with it this year. But you can’t afford to give up because you still need to do some work before you graduate and get a degree. So set your academic goals before the start of final semester. You have approximately 12 to 15 credit hours in hand, set the goal to get maximum out of them and the most important thing is your FYP (Final Year Project). Yeah! You have been delaying it from last semester but now is the time to be practical and start working on your project.

Career Goals:

Now it’s officially the time to start looking for a job. Yes, the thought is scary, but you had been working all those 4 years for this time to come. Prioritize and specify your career goals during the final semester. Try to get over the bewilderment of deciding between a job and higher studies. You should actively research and reach out to the companies you would like to pursue a career in. Preparing your resume, your cover letters, and preparing yourself for interviews is another vital step. You should be looking for things like mock interviews and career oriented workshops at universities that help students prepare for job hunting. Other goals to focus on include things such as making a LinkedIn account, cleaning up your Facebook, building your networks by attending conferences etc.

Things you want to do before you die. Yeah! The Bucket List:

Well, this may sound like an overused phrase, but think of everything you want to do before your graduation. Because time won’t wait, we all know semester at university fly by and if you wait until halfway through the semester to make the list, they will not happen. Think of all those things you have always wanted to do but never had time. Go to parks you have always seen but never explored, make a list of restaurants to visit, plan your final year dinner, take day trips to the closest recreational spots, etc. Everything you find exciting should be on your list.


Work on your goals, prioritize your last few months of university, take advantage of all the opportunities available while you are still a student. Don’t fail your final semester classes. Utilize your final semester in a positive and memorable way and do something for yourself.


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