The Fundraising Experience

Abdul Sattar Edhi- a Pakistani humanitarian who founded the Edhi Foundation which runs
hospitals, homeless shelters, and orphanages across Pakistan.

Over his life-time, the foundation expanded-backed entirely with private donations. By the time of his death Edhi was registered as a parent or guardian of nearly 20,000 children. The Angel of Mercy, Mr. Edhi is considered as Pakistan’s “most respected” figure.

Abdul Sattar Edhi (1928-2016)


But soon after the death of Edhi saab, the foundation started to face problems. Currently the charity ratio has dropped by about 25-30%, which is a very drastic drop for a foundation that is totally functional due to charity. So to do our part, we decided to organize a small fundraising campaign to encourage people to support Edhi’s cause. We visited different places like markets, educational institutes, zoo, and other public places to spread the word and asked the people for help.








We started off with Lahore zoo and initially it was very fearing and challenging as it was our first experience to ask people for financial support to help a noble cause. But the team was passionate. We had the experience of receiving some very interesting, harsh, adorable, mixed kind of comments during the activity. Some of the most interesting comments were:

We went to a group of young people and asked them for charity and the response was:

“We came here from Sindh and we ourselves are in need of money”

An old lady replied: “Actually I forgot my wallet”

Another lady said: “Edhi saab is no more, so who is running the foundation and how can I trust you?”

Many of the people asked for the verification letter before making the charity and many others diverted their way as just to ignore us.

We asked one person for the charity and he was like: “Oh Edhi saab” and literally donated 500 rupees by just knowing that the fundraising was for Edhi’s foundation.

A school teacher with her students who were probably on a visit to the zoo said: “How much will you be paid for this activity?” but she made the donation.

The most beautiful response came from a family when we asked them and the father gave his five years old son to make the charity just to give him the experience of helping others. That was an adorable and beautiful experience.


Anyways apart from all these experiences, the youngsters really contributed a lot, many contributed by just hearing Edhis’ name. Edhi saab did more than his share and now it’s our responsibility to keep the good work up and keep donating because if the money we donate helps only one person or ease the pain of one single person, those funds are well spent indeed.


Some quotes of Edhi saab:

 “People have become educated but have not become human.”

“I do not have any formal education. What use is education when we do not become human beings? My school is the welfare of humanity.”

Here are some of the clicks of the activity 🙂





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