The Interested Challenge

Our society and people tend to stress on the importance of romantic relationships. Almost everyone around us is looking for that just one perfect match who they think will fulfill their lives and will bring happiness. But the important point each of us is missing here is that friends are even more important to our well-being. Friends have huge impact on our lives and happiness. Good friends bring comfort and joy and prevent stress and isolation and even research shows it.

So how can we make good friends? Well that’s very simple; show genuine and sincere interest in other people and their lives. Ask questions about themselves without worrying about the answers. Spend time with them, learn about their life’s circumstances. Because people always appreciate you spending time with them and showing sincere interest and intentions. To build a strong and trustworthy relationship, it’s important to show willingness that you’re interested in their life and experiences.

The basic concept here is that there is always something to learn from another person because every person has a different life experience and it doesn’t matter who the person is. Different people make different decisions, they have different friends-so there is always something one can learn from other people.

It’s is a kind of a quality and soft skill one can achieve via practice and use it to build and maintain good relationship. In order to build this soft skill, AMAL assigned me a project to work on for about 24 hours. This project is about meeting new people and friends and asking them questions about themselves like: how are you, what are you working on these days, how is your family, what did you do this past weekend, any plans for next weekend, etc.

I started off the project by asking such questions from my roommate and initially he was kind of shocked because he noticed a weird change in my behavior. He even asked me, what had happened to me but I tried to show genuine interest and he was like what’s going on. So basically my first project encounter was a flop.

But the next day I did the same with my classmates and one of the teacher, and I was amazed by the response. When I would ask them this question about their past week, I would get tons of stories. Like everyone wanted to share, share and just share their stories.

The thing I learned through this small activity; if you want others interested in you, show interest in their lives. It’s like give some and take some. Give them your interest and they will unintentionally give theirs.
Like Dale Carnegie said: “We are interested in others when they are interested in us”. So use this rule the other way, show interest in others and they will be interested in you but your interest must be genuine and sincere, one can’t make friends by pretending to show interest.

I would encourage you to take on this project for about 24 hours and I bet, you will be amazed by the results. And if you have something to share please feel free to comment. Take care. Show interest and make friends.


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