A booming metropolitan, Gujranwala is a hub for businesses and small scale industries and it’s one of the fastest growing cities in Pakistan. Mostly known for its Pehlwans (Wrestlers) and Pakwaans (Dishes), the city is located 80 km north of the provincial capital Lahore and lie south to Gujrat and Sialkot. Gujrat connects the city to Mirpur Azad Kashmir. The city is about 744ft above sea level and share boarders with Ghakkar Mandi and several other towns and villages.

According to historians the city was founded by Gurjars (known as Gujjars these days), an agricultural ethnic group with a population in India and Pakistan. In 1848, the area was captured by British Empire and in 1881, a railway line was built along the Grand Trunk road to connect the city with other cities in Punjab and likely the railway track still exists.

Gujranwala is a home to about 5 million people which makes it Pakistan’s seventh most populated city. The city has hot semi-arid climate. During summer (May-September) the temperature reaches 36-46 C. The coolest months are usually November to February, when the temperature falls to 5 C but never fall down below 0 C.

I have been living here for almost three and half years. I moved to the city back in 2013 when I secured admission in one of the campus of University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. And If I hadn’t got admission, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to explore this fairly wonderful city.

There are many beautiful historical places in the city and in this blog I have tried to cover some of them. So without any delay let’s explore this beautiful city.

  1. Baradari Building in Sheranwala Bagh
    A Baradari or Baraari is a building with plenty of doors designed to allow free air flow. The building has doorways on every side and the structure is usually square shaped.
    Because of their astonishing acoustic features, these buildings were particularly well suited for the performance of artists. The building is also loved for fresh air during hot summers. And one can spot a beautiful example of such baradari in sheranwala bagh Gujranwala.

    Baradari Building in Sheranwala Bagh

    Inside view of Baradari Building in Sheranwala Bagh
  2. Gurdwara Rohri Sahib
    Gurdwara Rohri Sahib is located 15km south of Gujranwala in the present day town called Eminabad. The area has three important historical shrines of the Sikhs.
    Gurdwara Rohri Sahib is the sacred shrine which marks the site where according to traditions, the sikh Guru after the destruction of town had stayed.

    Gurdwara Rohri Sahib
  3. Charan Singh Villa
    Another historical building on Bukhari road near railway station, once used as Passport office.

    Charan Singh Villa
  4. Tomb of Mualana Zafar Ali khan
    Zafar Ali Khan, a well-known writer, poet and journalist who played an important role in Pakistan Movement against the British Raj. His tomb is at Wazirabad, District Gujranwala is a place worth to pay a visit.

    Tomb of Mualana Zafar Ali khan
  5. Food Points in Gujranwala
    Gujranwala is famous for Tikka and there are places where one can find delicious tikka-Shahbaz Tikka on G.T road and Nasir Tikka in model town are famous. Ghani Payee is best-as the name suggests for payee in winter. And the special one-Chirey-can be found almost in every hotel during season but shahbaz tikka leads again.
    Salman Sweets in Model town is the best place to have dessert. Other than these, one can have Halwa Puri at Daal Bazar Market, Qorma Dish and if you don’t like any, go to Khybar Shinwari at Rahwali for pleasing salty dinner and have Rahwalis’ heavenly Kulfi. And if you love to have a long drive before a meal, visit Kinara located on G. T road Wazirabad, district Gujranwala.

Gujranwala is known for the production of melons, grains, and melons. It exports one of the finest varieties of rice.
Other beautiful places of the city to visit include D. C Colony, Satellite Town Market, Pace Shopping Mall, People Colony, King Mall etc.


If you know more about the city please share in the comment sections.


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