Welcome to Electrical 13

University is a melting pot of people. Each and every person is different. It’s our final year now and there are so many different personalities in our class that I thought why not to review some traits of the heroic personalities of our fellows. And this is just a fun piece and I’m hoping that no one will take it personally.

On top of the list we have

  1. Mr Shafiq-The Attention Seeker.
    Wants to be heard and heard often. Every time at the end of a discussion he’ll add some substance to it-valuable or not (doesn’t matter) annoying the fellows badly. He is very good at taking care of teachers and you won’t believe he has a score of 14 out of 10 in CP. And on the other side, He is a kind hearted and caring person and everyone love him (not sure). Visit his room and you’ll find “CHWARAS” (Dry dates).

    Bhai ka Style…
  2. Rizwan Kamboh-The Banana guy.
    With the height of about 6 feet 7 or 8 inch, he is the tallest and “Cheseist” personality of our class. For the first two years he had a crush on someone but now the ghost has descended. At times with the best shave he is surly the prettiest guy and instead of concentrating on class, everyone stares at him. On the other side, He is the most hospitable person of our class. Loves to travel around and often travel to the farthest places.fb_img_1475854741244
  3. Majid Siddiqi-The Resent Guy.
    From the largest district “Rajanpur”-which according to him covers almost every other place like Multan, Muzaffargarh, bla bla, I say you just name a place and He will make it a part of Rajanpur. Has a very bad habit of silently grudging all the time and when he is sad-trees are in trouble. And on the other side he is a friendly guy and you will surly enjoy if he is around.

    “Looking for Trees”
  4. Asim Chughtai-The Confused One.
    From Bahawalpur-Rahim-Yar-Khan-Lahore, I don’t really know. Asim Where are you from?
    He is always muddled, make him sit in front row and you will realize why I’m saying that. You will see his mouth mumble but I bet you won’t hear anything. He used to have a very big house in Bahawalpur coz papa was District Account Officer. But he is a very happy and compassionate person who enjoy sharing things and everyone just love him for that.

    “Birth Day kis ki hai?”
  5. Ahmed Bilal Minhas-The Senior Citizen
    Actually He is a three in one guy. Ahmed then Bilal then Minhas. The guy is from Lahore’s Aitchison colony and is always very proud of it but when his friends paid him a visit-he regret his airs about Aitchison. He used to be glowing star in first semester especially due to his command on circuit one and his background from FAST University which gave him a name “FAST waley Bhai”. He really is a cool and a fairly easy going guy.

    Bhai Just love HEIGHTS… 🙂
  6. Faizan Anwar-The Clown Master
    He’s the funniest person in the room…or at least he thinks so. He is always the center of attention in the classroom due to his weird comments, questions, etc. “Itni Bari University” one of his famous dialogue. Sit next to him and you will feel the tension breaking out of him-always speaks something gloomy. Speaks of unity in the class but inside he himself is divided. The “Friend Request” story is the best one about him, I won’t give you details-sorry. He is easy going but his personality is a mixture of contradictions. Sit absurdly close to you on test days. He will always make you laugh by cracking jokes.

    “Friday ko Lecture hai bhai”
  7. Faisal Ikram-The “Kich meri Photo” Guy.
    Currently the President of SEED, Faisal is a diehard selfie lover and he knows how to fit himself in every selfie. Always hungover and can be heard talking about the most recent epic parties everywhere. Almost everyone knows about his “Radhy baiya” hairstyle in the early days of university. Weighs somewhere between a TC and a normal guy but He is truly a guy with a young and big heart.

    “Bhai kahan sey latey ho aisy POSE”
  8. Raza Ehsan-Dada of the class
    Shortest in physique but the tallest in character and nearest to everyone’s heart, presenting to you the DADA of the class our beloved Raiyya. With second highest CGPA in class, Raza is also the chilliest guy of the group. Almost everyone crack jokes about him but he never ever take them personally, after all he is from Lahore and must have tasted some Khota ghosht. Love you Raza.

    “Raza Bhai JAAAAAN”
  9. Irfan Manzoor-The Early Bird
    Nick named as Kashmiri, Irfan belongs to Kotli. Irfan not only chooses to have an 8 am class on Friday-even if the class is off but also shows up 10 minutes early with too much enthusiasm. He is kind of a teachers’ guy who regurgitates exactly what the professor just said in order to seem super smart. Ask him for assignment and He will handover it to you but if you are trustworthy.

    “Bhai Attendance thori short raka kar”
  10. Salman Khan-Sallu the Solo Guy
    Sallu had a double crush at university a semester ago. His first crush was a fellow student from computer science and his second crush was/is-not sure-Faizan Anwar but you will always find him hanging around alone. A movie geek with lots of knowledge about everything, but also has some show off complex. During lectures Sallu often fails to keep his eyes open for more than few minutes, usually due to full course movies and season load. But in the end sallu is the cheeta of the class.

    “Mujhy Yaad hai, Ye Pic tu ney kis tarha li thi”


 In the end we all love them and all of them have their moments of greatness. We all find them as our best friends and again please don’t take it personally, this is just for fun- You all are the best. THUMBS UP!


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