University-an important phase of life for every student. The first two years are most appealing for most of the students as many of them for the first time live independently. Everything seems different and gleaming.

Campus life here at Rachna is far more dispirited than what I have seen of campuses at least in the vicinity. The willingness to just go and do something is flat. The university campus is a large area contained within three main gates-one of those is permanently closed by the way. Along with educational building and a sports field, there are five hostels, three canteens-they call, although none is fully functional, a colony for the staff and large open area where seemingly anyone can spend time if they have some. A small mosque for the residents is also a part. Two small orchards of Guava and orange near hostels but unfortunately during fruit season they are peeled with watchmen eyes. The location of campus is an off town village and the place is usually quiet. This is a simple layout of our small campus located far away from human presence. Considering little convenience stores and fruit stalls, with little benches like those in UET’s main and other campuses, Rachna has none.

Guava Orchard


The most seeing facility of every campus is canteen, but here there is only one even though prospectus mention three. In this single 1990s type canteen food is tasteless, expensive, and unhealthy. The food choices-sorry there are no choices, they are all alike. There is no range of vegetables and meat, the only option is rice rice and rice.

They Call it Canteen
Wow… Finally we found some stuff there…

In hostels there are common bathrooms for all and there are very few, you have to wait in queue to take bath every morning. Already congested rooms accommodate 4 to 5 students.  Even in the burning heat of 44-47 degree temperature one is not allowed to keep a cooler.

The teeming of sports pitches in late afternoon and evening is worth mentioning. There are no rules, anyone make use of the area in a way they want. Some people just do laps, while many play soccer and cricket. If you want to go in any team, just find a suitable game, ask and join. These are just unplanned day-to-day activities, there are no official clubs and tournaments.

Classes here are neither bad nor worse because good does exist here. Classes are in three small buildings connected by corridors near the dorms. They are just only a couple of minutes’ walk away. With windows of most of the classrooms left broken, ill-fittings, they are too hot in summers and too cold in winters.

Most of the societies are inert or active only to the extent of organizing orientation session once. They don’t even get funds and there are no monthly, weekly magazines.
The environment necessarily has an impact on the development of students, their mind, their thoughts and who they are.

But here are some priceless pictures of the campus by S & M Photography.



The Ghost House


Hope I didn’t get sued…



Thanks to S&M Photography

So these were some of the materialistic differences and if you have something to add please leave a comment.


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