Would YOU want to do the same???

Every morning wake at six

Take breakfast and get ready for work

Work till  sun reaches the peak and then have a break

BREAK- So that you just don’t break

After that, the machine is back on track

Be on track till five in the evening

Take some time to unload your stress and fatigue

But that just don’t work and you load some more

Watch TV and waste some hours

Eat, sleep and set alarm to be on track next morning.



That’s what most of the people do these days. They follow the schedule set by others for them. They are so intensively programmed by this routine that now they don’t realise squandering their lives.

If tomorrow  were the last day of your life, would you want to do the same you have been doing for years???


3 thoughts on “Would YOU want to do the same???

  1. I live a scheduled life as I like it.
    Also, job takes most of the hours of my day, but still I manage to have few chunks of the day for myself, my interests. 🙂
    If tomorrow were my last day, then the only change I would make for my day is, take that day off from job. 😉 😀


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