Remember the Martyrs of Quetta…

People are celebrating Eid at time when the graves of recent martyrs are still wet. We as Muslims all know the importance of Eid-ul-Adha but the memories of the martyrs, the thoughts of slayed lawyers and their mutilated bodies are still haunting the families. Eid, a festival of spreading happiness and sharing each other’s grief and sorrow- we should dedicate this Eid to the martyrs of Quetta carnage. We must not forget the brave souls who lost their lives in a barbaric attack on civil hospital Quetta on the black day of August 08, 2016.

Our 1st Eid with Out them .It’s Painful


 This Eid gives us a perfect opportunity to reach out to the families of the greatest martyrs of our nation and bring smiles, joy, and laughter to the children of the martyrs. We salute those martyrs for they are our national heroes.

We should appeal the well-to-do persons of this nation to show more and more hospitality and generosity at this much difficult hour and extend every possible help to the families of martyrs. It is our moral and religious obligation to do so as these brave families sacrifice their loved ones for our future.



3 thoughts on “Remember the Martyrs of Quetta…

  1. The victims of mass murder should not be forgotten. It is a stain on nationhood that the killers should claim to be freedom fighters or acting for the people, they were not. They act against the will of the people and attack the unarmed before claiming it to be a victory.
    One day these terrorists who defile Islam will lose and the region will be at peace leaving those who mourn the killing of innocents to rejoice.

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