We all are Fools.

He wanted Glory but more than Glory he wanted to rule. He was a tyrant ruler not loved by his people. The people wanted him to descend because they were convinced he was not able to rule them and they were pushed down by his atrocity.

The king was worried about the frantic feelings, people had about him. To perpetuate his authority and empire, the king decided to put his idea into action which he had planned off for years to angle the worse situation in his favor.

He called his most loyal minister and ordered him to assemble a group of muggers, thieves, punks and mobsters. When the minister organized a group of beasts, the king unleashed them on his own people. The king’s creatures would steal, rob, kidnap, and even kill his own people.

This continued for so long that the people constrainedly appeal the king to relieve them from the torment not knowing that it was actually the king who had unleashed the beasts on them. The king who was waiting for that moment responded to the call and decided not to settle the issue but to control it only.

The king started to visit the victims and compensate their loss with wealth and would assure them the apprehension of the perpetrators. The simple and naïve people put their trust on the king whom they once hated from the core of their hearts and the king rule them till this day.


We are all the fools of time and terror. Days steal on us and steal from us; yet we live loathing our life, and dreading still to die.


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