Thinking back and remembering sitting at the auditorium of WAPDA House Building on the second day of Internship orientation which literally was my first day still makes me feel in the same way as I remember my first day of college: excited, anxious, but out of place. Where I’m from, student don’t often get the opportunity to intern in big cities at a national company like NTDC (National Transmission and Despatch Company). That’s what actually drew me to make use of an opportunity and apply for internship at NTDC; the opportunity to learn how to get an access to a high quality Professional Education and On Field experience with students from different universities of Pakistan.

As I end my Internship at NTDC this summer, I wanted to share my experience as an engineering intern. To some extent, internships are vital to everyone to hit favorable outcomes and find full time position and perform well in that position. Here’s my summer work experience in a Q&A style:

Where did I work this summer?

I interned with NTDC, a company that operates and maintains 500 KV and 220 KV Grid Stations, 5077 km of 500 KV transmission line and 7359 km of 220 KV transmission line in Pakistan. National Transmission & Despatch Company (NTDC) Limited was incorporated on 6th November, 1998 and commenced commercial operation on 24th December, 1998. It was organized to take over all the properties, rights and assets obligations and liabilities of 220 KV and 500 KV Grid Stations and Transmission Lines/Network owned by Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA).

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What did I do at my internship?

At first our group of 24 students was assigned the task of spending three weeks at the System Protection block of the building. Where we were supervised by Dr. Khwaja Riffat Hassan. We would attend scheduled lectures to get the knowhow of Power System Protection, Power System, Insulation monitoring, Protection devices and financing and planning of new projects. Another part of our day would be spent in talking to the Engineers, Office workers learning about the office work.

Finally we were instructed to spend the remaining three weeks of internship at a 220 KV 132 KV combined Grid station on Bund road Lahore in order to earn some practical knowledge of the Transmission and Distribution of Electrical energy. Through group discussion and improvisation we were able to explore the various aspects of Grid maintenance, Electricity Transmission, Fault detection and recovery, Fault analysis, Parallel working with RPCC (Regional Power Control Center) and NPCC (National Power Control Center) and much more.

What projects did I work on?

Well, to be precise the internship was not project specific, but the general theme of internship was to determine what small changes could be made on the unit to make sure faultless and lossless transmission. At one point, I also served on a team for the recovery and root cause investigation of fault that occurred on one of the 220 KV circuit breaker, which taught me so much.
What was the best part about the Internship?

Ahh well, applying my knowledge of Electrical engineering to Electrical Transmission. I’ve spent so much time in class the past three years. And during the internship, I place my education in action. I analyze Single Line Diagrams, argued about the unending Energy crisis and examined various Electrical devices studied during the course. And I loved using my engineering skills and learning new.

The memories made together…

What the least fun part about my job?

Attending lectures during Ramadan. The weather was not really supportive for me as I am used to low temperatures may be!

I hope you learned more about Engineering internships and how important and useful they are! I’ve learned so much from my internship.  Overall, it’s been a great summer this year. I’m genuinely looking forward to getting back to the University this fall and enjoying the excitement and stress (a little) of senior year.

“Zalima Chae pila dy”


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