The Social Media Response to Quetta Attack

It has happened again. After a short span of peace, a brutal terrorist attack in Quetta has occurred. On Monday morning, a suicide attack was carried out on lawyers who were gathered outside the casualty of Civil Hospital Quetta to receive the cadaver of their colleague and President of Balochistan Bar Association who was martyred earlier that day.

These innocent people were all intellectual lot of nation. Men with great knowledge, Women of great courage and children with adoring smiles, all with futures that could have shaped the world around us. These people were the best of the province, and it was just a matter of seconds to wipe them away. As the details of deadly organized attack that wrecked the city began to emerge, political and religious leaders, celebrities and average citizens took the social media by storm. Condemnation spread viral.

Here is how Celebrities, political and world leaders, journalists, activists and citizens respond to the attack.

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Significant coverage was devoted to the hashtags #QuettaAttack, and another hashtag #QuettaBlast was used by thousands to show their solidarity.

It is time for us to all recognize that terrorism has no religion, and more importantly, recognize that terrorists do not discriminate, they attack all of mankind. We need to open our hearts and work together to defeat this dangerous ideology.



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