The Engineers’ Cry

Looking at the number of engineering institutes in Pakistan and the abundant number of engineers coming out of these colleges, this trend hike many questions in everyone’s mind and the basic ones being, “Does Pakistan need so many engineers?” Are they all employable?  Are we producing enough engineering jobs to accommodate the fresh graduates?MK-BQ172_GENJOB_DV_20111106195444

There is a huge number of jobless engineers in Pakistan. Thousands of engineers are struggling to get settled in extremely challenging market. Most of them accept jobs well below their technical qualifications in a market where there are fewer jobs. The engineering sector is flooded with graduates but the market is shrinking to value their skills. Private and Public universities are producing large number of graduates each year but for a number of reasons the industrial sector fails to offer jobs. Slow growth of industries and the preference of technicians over engineers to cut the cost are some of the reasons to name. Almost all of the present industries idiotically demand over more than 3 to 5 years of experience from fresh graduates and on the other hand they don’t even create internship programs for the engineering students during the study years.

The engineering institutes does not make efforts to help graduates find jobs after completion of studies. Every Institute should have a contract with industries that would make efforts to accommodate their fresh graduates. Otherwise these institutes are of no use which unfortunately they are proving to be and there is no point in producing so many graduates each year.600677_375022872545923_749514774_n

Young man’s joblessness frustrates not only him but the family too. This chaotic situation is now showing signs of social and economic strain in Pakistan. Most frustrated engineers are heading towards other countries where they are taking jobs for which they are overqualified but are underpaid.  Exceptions have even turned to crime.

The catastrophic situation can’t be resolved with current model of economy/finance system and poor economical and moral state of institutes and industries. If the government does not come up with a decent policy, numbers of unemployed engineers will increase exponentially, which will just worsen the situation.


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