The trendy Hookahs but Are they safe?

Life’s trends and styles tend to change with the passage of time. While a few of them, such as Hookah (Shisha) smoking, become an integral part of our culture. Shisha smoking has been here for quite a long time though. In past, it was considered our grandfather’s hobby but it’s quickly becoming a first choice recess activity for more and more people especially the youth without the distinction of gender. Some youngsters smoke for fun and treat it as leisure hobby. Some smoke it due to the incessant invitations from shishatheir friends and others smoke to be a part of a specific friends group who are shisha addicts. Teens while still in their springtime of their lives gather for shisha smoking sessions at western themed cafes and bars, and the grownups do it at home. Shisha is a glass bottomed water pipe in which flavored tobacco is covered with a foil and grilled with charcoal. The smoke then passes through the water chamber and is inhaled deeply and slowly. The smoke is exhaled slowly and the masters of this practice exhaled it in style making round rings of smoke.

The average shisha session typically lasts more than 40 minutes and consists of 50 to 200 inhalations. In big urbane and cosmic cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, cafes and restaurants offers shisha and charged on per hours or per shisha. The prices vary according to the flavors of tobacco used. The minimum price per shisha is RS 200 and goes up to thousands.

Shisha is somehow widely considered to be completely safe, risk free practice. Most shisha smokers are unaware of the health risks involved. And some youths don’t even realize that there’s tobacco involved and so they don’t regard shisha as smoking. Also, shisha comes in nChina_HOOKAHS_SHISHAS_SMOKING_PIPES20121131203292atural fruit flavors such as apple, lemon, orange and melon. So those who do not know tend to associate shisha with being fruity and healthy and attracts the youth. Many may even see it as a safer alternative to cigarettes. But the shocking truth is Shisha is not a safe practice.

As with smoking cigarettes, shisha smoking carries the chance of addiction, resulting in daily usage. Shisha includes tobacco, pure nicotine along with other chemicals making it obsessive. Nicotine gets to the human brain in just around 10 to 15 seconds after taking a single shot of shisha. Due to this addiction can happen after a couple of times of using shisha. Grievous signs and symptoms from avoiding shisha smoking include nuisance, headaches, pain as well as depression symptoms and many more.

The large degree of smoke through shisha might also cause chemical substance discomfort of the lung area, resulting in allergy induced bronchial asthma. The toxic chemical substances inside the smoke can irritate the lining of your nasal pathways, mouth and throat and bring about allergy symptoms. The actual pipe could behave as an excellent medium with regard to promoting bacteria leading to catching diseases such as hepatitis A that may be easily carried once the shisha pipe is utilized through several users.BRITAIN SMOKER PICTURES Based on the World Health Organization studies, researchers are convinced that shisha is much more harmful than cigarette smoking. One is taking in more smoke cigarettes with the shisha than with using tobacco sticks.

Using shisha smoke poses a serious potential health jeopardy to smokers and others expose to the smoke. The second hand smoke from shisha poses a serious risk for non-smokers, particularly because it contains smoke not only from the tobacco but also from the heat source used in it.

Shisha addicts who view shisha as another form of smoking with no perils to health and lower risk should reconsider their thoughts. The use of smoking shisha as a part time hobby or as a fun on social events is entirely our choice. The temporary joy given by smoking shisha for a long run is not to be ignored. It’s economical harm cannot be ignored as well. The listed effects of smoking shisha are just few from the long list and we do not know the hidden pitfalls. The sure thing is, every shisha session is a slow poisoning session for yourself killing your body bits by bits.

The dominance of people smoking shisha as a way of life is a call for attention. It is maybe because you want to get out from your stressful life and problems that needs solution but with any doubts, shisha smoking is not a solution.  If smoking cigarettes is harmful, then shisha smoking is only worse. There is only a slight difference of words in between.


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