World… A level Playing Field??

 Everyone around us is fond talking about the level playing field. Businessmen, economists, writers, lawyers, politicians, every one talk about this myth.
There should be equal opportunities, political power should be level, access to health care, education, in fact everything should be level. And even the chances to quest for happiness as well. Honestly saying the very notion of a level playing field is a myth. There never has been a level field and there never will be.  All this happens in an ideal world and we don’t have an ideal world.

Our world is different. It’s complex, alluring but not ideal and these characteristics makes it beautiful. The idea of a level
playing field can never be more than a hopeful approximation. At best it’s a goal to strive for and at worst it’s an empty bowl. Like the perfect anything which only exists in mind, the level playing field is limited to ones thoughts only. In offices there will always be a boss and the workers. In sports, there will be a winner and a loser. In theatre, there will be stars with high appreciations and others facing callousnessSame is true in terms of material comfort, health, education, memory and even life expectancy. Homeless kids with no clothes to wear and food to eat will face tougher odds than those born in castles. If everyone were equal, there would be little or no motivation to achieve the inflexible.

None of this is fair or right. All of this cause unease to everyone

But every cloud has a silver lining. The recognition that the world is not perfect and equal should motivate us to strive for a level field and to make efforts to reach closer to the level. The acknowledgment of life’s unfairness should thrive us to make world a better place in every aspect. These efforts towards equality will help us relieve the guilt of inequality.

Now when we have realized that world is imperfect. This realization in itself give rise to questions. What can any one of us do about it? What can we do to make level the field and make the world a better place to live in? How can we use our own resources to make  it equitable for others? The answers to these questions came in different shapes and size. The small answers reside in daily acts of  kindness and the big ones are called Altruism.  

 So let’s work together to find the big and small answers to similar questions like above to reach closer to the level and make our world a more mesmeric, sublime and a place worthy of living.


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